Goals for 2020

Happy family at the community lunch

Farming – we grow our own food. We start growing short term crops so we can harvest within three to six months. Then we grow medium term and long term crops including calamity proof crops.


Poultry – we grow hybrid native chicken. Resistant to diseases and fed with our own farm crops and other locally grown feeds.


Piggery – we grow hybrid native swine. Resistant to diseases and fed with our own farm crops and other locally grown feeds.


Fishing – we acquire our own fishing boat and fishing net so we can go deep sea fishing.


Bakery – we bake our own bread, cake, and pastries.


Renewable Energy – we install solar panels 5KVA to power our water pumps, lights, kitchen appliances, and farm equipment.


Biogas – we install biogas using farm waste and animal waste to generate natural gas and fertilizer. The natural gas produced will be enough to provide cooking fuel, heat, hot water and even gas for specially modified vehicles.


Electric car – a car with renewable energy for our transportation

Community restaurant – where all our produce are prepared and cooked, a restaurant free of charge for all its members, for as long as they help in the farm they can bring their family to dine breakfast, lunch and dinner including snacks.


Social Funding – We get our capital from our relatives and friends in the community locally or abroad to finance our projects. We believe in the saying “Give man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”. We need seed money to give equal opportunity to the poor and the afflicted.

Community – we organize 20 or more families into a community, with a “bayanihan spirit” to work as a team and help one another, where money and ownership is secondary and teach them how to grow their own food with one goal in mind “that nobody goes hungry in their community”. Each family member is independent from each other but inter dependent to one another so that those who have more will not suffer from excess and those who have less will not suffer from any lack.


Partnership – with Government organizations, Local Government Units, Non Government Organizations, private sector and civil society to help in areas of community development.


Department of Labor and Employment

Department of Science and Technology

Department of Education

Department of Trade and Industry

Department of Agriculture

Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

National Confederation of Cooperatives

Pagtambayayong Foundation, Inc.

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