Year 2020: Nobody Goes Hungry

Our Mission

We join the worldwide movement, to end the economy of exclusion and inequality that spawns violence, by building sustainable communities to end hunger & poverty.

What We Do

In this age, money is more powerful than men. We exist to give hope to the victims of monetary enslavement. We build communities where we practice collaborative consumption, an exchange of resources according to need. It is a form of bartering goods between families. Through this, we take money out of the equation and bring back the dignity of families. They do not have to rely on having money to feel wealthy, instead we cultivate talent, hard work and teamwork.

We have open gardens wherein we allow families to plant together and harvest together. They can then use these goods to get medical attention, education, clothing, transportation and other needs from our network of professionals who support our communities.

Model Community Progress Report: 2016

Sta. Rosa Olango Community

Sta. Rosa Community is our model village lead by Rodrigo Legara and consists of energetic families who are very excited to share our vision. They started building early in the year but ended it with a big success! Their community is sustainable and is able to feed two big groups of multiple families: Group 1 and 2. They take turns in the community upkeep. The community offers a center with fresh water, outdoor kitchen, open garden, poultry and now a piggery! It's amazing how much they've grown in the course of a year and how much the families have been transformed.

Race2020: No More Hunger

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Help End Poverty

Let's change the way man survives

Studies show hunger persists not because of food production shortage. There are actually plenty of resources —enough to feed the world. The problem is the ability to afford it. With no enough money to buy food, and not enough resources for crop growth, nearly 24% of the Philippines is suffering from extreme hunger.

  • Philippines Global Hunger Index: 2014

    Philippines ranks 29th in the world, considered to have serious hunger situation. –International Food Policy Research Institute (, 2014

  • Undernourished Filipinos

    The Philippines ranks 10th in the world with 16.5 million undernourished Filipinos –UNICEF (, 2011-2013

  • Unemployment Rate

    The Philippines has 27% unemployment rate, which equates to 12.4 million jobless Filipinos struggling to survive. –Social Weather Stations (SWS) , 2015

  • Homelessness

    32.8 million of the Philippine population live in slums. –Homeless International , 2008

Board Members

Meet the hardworking and energetic, Cebu Race2020 team!
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Victor & Gelia Canete

Founding Chairman, Consultant, Restaurant Operations
Together with his wife, Victor started Race2020 with a vision for a self-sustainable program to end poverty in the Philippines.
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Rodrigo & Elley Legara

President & Board of Director
The inspirational couple who organize, maintain and manages the Sta. Rosa, Olango Island group —our model community.
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Cresente Paez

Executive Advisor
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Vidal & Cynthia Canete

Executive Advisor
The power couple who provide legal and local government council to Race2020. They also donated pigs to start our own piggery farm.
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Shyrell Espinosa

General Admin, Board Treasurer & Workflow Manager
With her background in systems analyst, multiple managerial positions and being the budget holder in her house hold, she gives the same love and attention to our organization’s house keeping (admin work) so we can focus on realizing our vision.
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Candice Canete

Board Secretary
She’s studious, detail-oriented and organized. She keeps us in check with our schedules and meeting details.
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Vina Canete

Graphic Designer
Growing up, she accompanied her dad (Victor Canete) in his feeding missions. The humbling experience was a great part of her success so she offers her Graphic Design and Advertising skills to the organization as a way to give back.
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Yvon Canete

Social Media Manager & Content Specialist
She’s behind the fun and inspiring Instagram posts, Facebook updates and even the responses you get from any of our social media accounts. No bots here, only talented staff.

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